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Open Books, 2021 M02 10
A high tech AI startup, the Russian mafia, and the downfall of a 'resident adult.'?Professor Andrija Krstic is a bright man?some would say brilliant?with a stellar and secure career at one of the best universities in the country teaching electronic engineering and pursuing leading edge research in semiconductor technology. But when an opportunity for financing an Artificial Intelligence high tech startup presents itself, he embraces the offer even though the seed money is offered by an odd and somewhat suspicious Armenian oligarch. ?It all seemed to be too good to be true, and the professor and his cofounders take the initial steps to grow their startup, which leads them into the parallel process of discovering the truth behind the roots of their benefactor's wealth.?Kristic finds himself trying to balance two disparate worlds?that of a high tech Silicon Valley startup racing toward the twenty-first century's technological future, and that of shady wealth rooted in the collapse of the Soviet empire.?The professor knows he must do the right thing for his company. His reputation and legacy depend on it, not to mention the livelihoods of others. And yet he must fend off the pressure from the Armenian oligarch who has probably told him far too much.

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